Welcome to FYB’s pro tennis player stroke library! This area contains video of the top players on the ATP and WTA tours hitting in high definition and slow motion.

These videos were filmed at the 2009 BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells, CA, and at Washington Kastles and Philadelphia Freedoms World Team Tennis matches. At the BNP Paribas Open, FYB was able to film most of the tennis players in the top 10 on both tours. Some examples, as you can see below, include Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray, Andy Roddick, Ana Ivanovic, Jelena Jankovic, Dinara Safina, and Daniela Hantuchova. At recent World Team Tennis matches we added Serena and Venus Williams, as well as some former players such as Andre Agassi and John McEnroe.

So how should you use the Pro Tennis Player Stroke Library?

In the tennis lessons section, we present the forehand, backhand, serve and other shots in a way that’s designed to get you to understand what the fundamentals of each shot are. Once you’ve got a handle on those fundamentals, you can use this stroke library to compare what you know with what the top tennis players are doing. What you’ll find is that despite the fact that each player’s strokes look a little bit different, they all do a few things — the fundamentals — the same.

Should you copy what your favorite tennis player is doing?

The answer is, “it depends.” You can get yourself into A LOT of trouble by trying to copy your favorite player. For example, you shouldn’t copy Andy Roddick’s serve just because you think it looks cool. You should be copying the underlying fundamentals of the shot. In a sense, you’ll be copying all tennis pros if you do this — not just Roddick. It’s VERY important to understand that the idiosyncrasies of each player do not affect their execution of the fundamentals. Roddick’s abbreviated backswing doesn’t get in the way of the fundamentals. The problem most club-level tennis players run into when they try to copy a particular pro’s idiosyncrasies is that they do so in a way that DOES interfere with the correct execution of the fundamentals. That’s what you need to work very, very hard to avoid. With that in mind, we can definitely learn from watching the pros!



  1. Anonymous says

    Hi Will, I found your forehand lesson helpful. thanks. I searched your site for “custom grip” but didnt find anything. I have found that minute changes in grip shape (for instance, holding a forehand on bevel 3 then switching to bevel 7, ie the other side) is enough to materially change not only the “feel” of my shot but the placement as well. I find difficulty also switching between my supposedly identical racquets when a string breaks. Do you have any insights on this subject? Is there a customizing service for grips which might reliably eliminate this problem? thanks

    • KD Guest says

      —first off i hope you may flipping the racquet over on your forehand and not changing arm/wrist position. plus, if your racquets are the SAME model, with the SAME strings at the SAME tension, then its all in your head.—

  2. Anonymous says

    hey will,

    i was wondering if you might be able to put up some pro strokes of Pete Sampras, and check out his serve. Thanks, John

  3. Anonymous says

    Could you, by any chance, please put up Lleyton Hewitt???

  4. Anonymous says

    Pete Sampras?

  5. Anonymous says

    john isner?????

  6. kris says

    Please do a Sampras section!!!

  7. Anonymous says

    ROGER FEDERER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. forehnd says

    grigor dimitrov ?

  9. Anonymous says

    Viva Fed…..

  10. Anonymous says

    Viva Fed…..

  11. Alex Baker says

    Dude, get some taylor dent or micheal russell

  12. Bayohh says

    Carla Suarrez Navarro…awesome backhand and uses a more extreme grip which we don’t get to see too often, same with Nicolas Almagro

  13. Bayohh says

    Carla Suarrez Navarro…awesome backhand and uses a more extreme grip which we don’t get to see too often, same with Nicolas Almagro

  14. eddai says

    where is Pete??!!!!!!!

  15. eddai says

    where is Pete??!!!!!!!

  16. jul!a says

    Ferni Verdasco rock!

  17. goran says

    Could you post some ivanisevic’s serves?

  18. Anonymous says

    I think Ernest Gulbis would deserve to be in this library. He’s got a fabulous technique (especially the serve) and will soon be in the top 5 no doubt about it

    • SOKOLOWSKI says

      Come on Ali stop it with your Gulbis! Gilles Simon is the one who deserves to be here and you know that!

      • Rudra says

        They post the Gilles Simon one but it is on the FYB youtube channel if you look it up.

  19. Anonymous says

    Nalbandian and Justine Henin are worth a spot in this library cause they have sublime backhands! So much to learn of!

  20. Sidd says

    Really want to see some of rising star, Ernests Gulbis. Amazing strokes and form, I’ve got to say.

  21. Jay says

    I’d like to see some Ernests Gulbis strokes too.

  22. glou says

    berdych and soderling for their magnificent forehands please

  23. nadal says

    Soderling, Klijsters, and Henin , please.

  24. pistol pete says

    come on PETE SAMPRAS?

    • Adizzy says

      Especially Sampras’ serve. Please.

  25. Asivcova says

    azarenka please? 🙂

  26. Michael says

    Hey Will,
    Would you mind putting John Isner or maybe perhaps Nicolas Mahut? They really are some rising stars.

  27. Lilslimu says

    William sisters, specifically Venus’ kick serves please.

  28. Bruhaspathy says

    You got to put Pete Sampras Section buddy.

    • vasu says

      Yes.thats one thing missing here

  29. Snok says

    Söderling Please

  30. PAULSHEN733 says


  31. Pat says

    Its not that easy to film Sampras, you realize he’s retired right…..

  32. Mattdoggs007 says

    Stanislas Warinka too!

  33. Briancopelandsr says

    This is the kind of videos and examples i”ve been looking for.

  34. Luiz Armando says

    Phenomenal library. But you should add David Nalbandian. His style is beautiful and very effective!

  35. Dianna C says

    i would like to see some justine henin please, especially on her backhand!

  36. Andy Sneed says

    Yes you have to add David Nalbandian’s strokes asap.

  37. peter says

    juan carlos ferrero please

  38. joe says

    james blake

  39. jordan says

    Can you have Soderling??

  40. Sokolowskiarnaud says

    Hello, what about Grigo DIMITROV??

  41. Tcranenj says

    David Nalbandian’s backhand please!

  42. Jason says

    I would love to see more pro strokes. Especially the slow motion. Thanks, and I love the site

  43. Cookiez300 says

    Sam Stosur’s Kick Serve please

  44. Cookiez300 says

    Sam Stosur’s Kick Serve please

  45. peter says

    robin soderling

  46. peter says

    robin soderling

  47. Chris says

    yess Lleyton Hewitt plz. it looks sporty when he hits 😉
    i would really appreciate some of his strokes.

  48. Abhidelta says

    soderling please

  49. Ace says

    Why aren’t Venus and Serena on your Pro Tennis Player Stroke Library list???

  50. jacob says

    hey will, great site here, i think pete sampras and james blake would be a good addition to this library because of the technique on jame’s forehand, and of course the best serve of all time

  51. George says

    great site with great resources. Caroline wozniacki would be a good addition to the library. Very technically sound game and she’s fit which doesn’t hurt.

    • KD Guest says

      —true her backhand is effective, but how is her fitness gonna help you if you watch her?—

      • Kazi says

        he wants to be staring at her

  52. JR says

    where is henin and clijster

  53. Gee Man says

    If you could add Soderling that’s be great! His strokes look a little unorthodox, but my stroke seems to resemble his the most :S

    • Jordanban12 says

      I agree, I have the same motion as Soderling. Particularly on the forehand

  54. Mattdoggs007 says

    add some Stanislas Warinka please!

  55. SOKOLOWSKI says

    What about Michael Llodra? His volley is so impressive!

  56. Pistol Pete says

    Where is Pistol Pete?

  57. John says

    Hey fellas – can you put in your gallery a lefty who uses a single handed backhand.

    Tennis sites seem to forget that there are left handers out there

    Great work

    • SOKOLOWSKI says

      You mean John Mc Enroe?

  58. Knguyen says

    Very helpful to wacth and to learn from the Pro.

  59. krystos says

    Good Instructions BUT very annoying inturruted commercials. i am not going to view your site. Waste of time.

  60. jacob says

    Im sorry, but this website really isnt worth while without sampras, soderling, berdych, and blake.

    • joker says

      hahahahahaha blake, berdych, soderling, hahahaha!!!!

  61. Evanoff75 says

    I’d like to see Pete’s serve in this library.

  62. HH says

    I’d like to see Henin’s and Schiavone’s backhands here.

  63. Gsidak says

    How about an analysis of J. McEnroe’s game. Why was he so successful despite poor fundamentals?

  64. GSidak says

    Sorry about the last comment…I didn’t search far enough. You have examined McEnroe and explained that he was fundamentally sound…he just looked unconventional.

  65. Jennifer N says

    I’d like to request Kim Clijsters, please!!!

  66. Jennifer N says

    I’d like to request Kim Clijsters, please!!!

  67. drexcito says

    Stan Wawrinka, please. Amazing one-handed backhand!

  68. drexcito says

    Stan Wawrinka, please. Amazing one-handed backhand!

  69. mr.replacement says

    Robin Soderling, please!
    (especially the serve!)

  70. Whoami says

    Ferrero should be there, a great player for us to mirror.

  71. Miguelp_d17 says

    i would like to request pete sampras pleasee!! 🙂

  72. Aventinus says

    Great job with the videos! Federer’s backhand video, the one that is shot from behind, really helped me to improve my footwork and positioning relative to the ball, and achieve much better contact.

  73. Yoshi says

    Thomas Berdych please!

  74. Max Cancilla says

    Indian Wells 2011?

    • Mark says

      Yep, I saw Will and Adam there!

  75. Poncho says

    Alexandr Dolgopolov pro strokes please

  76. Chris says

    in a ninja vid u stated u got hewitt hitting? any idea when this is coming on? thats the one i am wanting the most.

  77. Michalkurcin says

    James blake pro strokes please

  78. Damian says

    indian wells 2011? come on will…

  79. chrissarmiento14 says

    I know I’m not the only one that’s requesting Venus and Serena

  80. CHARLIE says

    you need to get some videos of JOHN ISNER!!!!!!!!!

  81. Charlotte M. says

    where is kim clijsters ? she’s the best

  82. John says

    requesting ur indian wells vids…i mean its been a while since the tournament and u even stated in ur vid u got new strokes coming :/ dont let us down will

    • Limpinhitter says

      Seconded! Where ARE the 2011 IW vids? Will? Anybody in there?


  83. Matt says

    new hi def vids would be awesome.

    i would love to see some HD Raonic action!!!

  84. Schroederz33 says

    why is there agassi and theres no samparas, best serve ever! 

  85. Limpinhitter says

    2011 Indian Wells vids?   

  86. Mx-chriz says

    actually i’m done for, we have the middle of the year und not one of the new announced vids so far?? rly let me down 🙁

  87. tennisfan1 says

    Hello, I liked your instruction videos. Do you have a video on how to put away short high balls (balls that bounce in or around the service line), both on the forehand and backhand side(the way federer does). Thanks!

  88. Quemonque says

    would be nice to pro strokes for sharapova.

  89. Chuckmyers2010 says

    is there a reason for never covering nor mentioning Venus or Serena, the top rated American players of the past decade?

  90. Gothpoodle says

    Can we get some pro strokes from soderling please?

  91. Dev D says

    Hi. Will. The site is grt 4 a recreational player & person learning to play at advanced age. I hav watched a no. of slow motion videos of pros like Roger, Roddick etc. I  observed that the  pros after completing the C, on a forehand shot, after dropping the racquet, when swinging the racquet to the contact point, the head of the racquet goes back sharply and the wrist seems to be leading. My question is how is this executed whether it is due to inertia on swinging the racquet forcefully or the wrist is bend backwards to create that extra swing speed.

  92. Josiah Having Fun says

    can you upload sampras strokes too?

  93. Deryk says

    where are the 2011 indian wells videos?????

  94. Willsbastos says

    Suggestion: new Novak Djokovic videos…

    • Willsbastos says

      Forget, my bad 

  95. Chrissarmiento14 says

    VENUS AND SERENA! I’ve been waiting forever and this page hasn’t even changed! Come on! I’d rather have them than the majority of the players you already have up there!

  96. Cds says

    Are there any rules of thumb to determine whether to let a shot go when playing the net? In other words, is there a tell to know if it is going long?

  97. bob says

    can you add some lisicki, pavlyuchenkova, zvonareva and azarenka pro strokes please

  98. Max Park says

    would love a section on Hingis!

  99. Anonymous says


  100. Noah Morrow says

    What about Tomas Berdych?? He’s cool.

    • t phan says

      Cool?  like the way he refused to shake hands at the end of a match?

      • Noah Morrow says

        No I don’t like his adittude. But his strokes are nearly perfect.

  101. Noah Morrow says

    What about Tomas Berdych?? He’s cool.

  102. Chris Sarmiento says

    On the paragraph above, it says you’ve “added Venus and Serena” and their not even on the list. What’s up with that?

    • Chrissarmiento14 says


    • Chrissarmiento14 says


  103. Millie says

    where do u sign up to win the free trip the the aussie open?  Dont see a tab for it

  104. Donna says

    How do we enter the sweepstakes to go the Aussie Open nest year?

  105. Lindac says

    where can I see a replay of the Austrialian mens final?

  106. Icancilla says

    Keep up the good work, Max
    Grandpa Charlie

  107. J Westeinde says

    add dimitrov very skillful player 

  108. jr30 says

    can we get a past justine henin video….. to me i think she has the best one handed backhand that is really off the book

  109. mkao says

    It would be awesome to Jerzy Janowicz’s serve!

  110. mkao says

    It would be awesome to Jerzy Janowicz’s serve!

  111. bfoura says

    Would love to see some video clips from Sampras.

  112. Taylor Jones says

    Where is Pete Sampras? One of the greatest servers of all time, with a completely unrivaled 2nd serve. Would love some video, Will. You are the man!!

  113. Fay says

    Please Show what the different grips are please??

  114. Davossss says

    Add Bernard Tomic plz

  115. kas says

    Love your site…but where are the women players?

  116. Sandy Hernandez says

    Would love to see Stan Wawrinka’s backhand more closely.

  117. Ernesto says

    Hello to every one, the contents existing at this site
    are genuinely amazing for people knowledge, well, keep
    up the good work fellows.

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    Pretty! This was a really wonderful article.

    Thank you for supplying this info.

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