Fake Poaching Like James Bond

November 30, 2011

Shuffle up and deal!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Will.  Good vid.  Thanks.  The fake poach is the #1 move in doubles that has to be established early and often.  You can then “James Bonds” the returner for the rest of the match with mixing in the poach, the fake poach, and the ultimate – the fake early and then go …


  • Roy

    Thanks, Will. I do just as you and the Bros. say, start back, move straight in and then either go or fake a go. If I go, I make my second move just after the serve hits the ground and if I fake I move just before the bounce. By waiting, most times the receiver is too busy trying to read/hit the serve to see me poaching.

  • http://www.fuzzyyellowballs.com/ Will Hamilton

    Hey Brent!  Thanks for chiming in – you’re a master at this.  The fake and go is a great one!  All that movement can really throw off the returner’s timing, leading to errors / free points.

  • Tim

    This is the sort of thing that leads me to over-think a shot. (I usually hit to his backhand, so he’s expecting that, so I’ll go cross-court to his forehand – but he may be expecting me to change it up, so maybe I’ll go backhand…or maybe…)

  • ann t

    i don’t think there’s any chance of an improvement in my tennis game, but it will help me out when james bond & i next play poker :)

  • Newton Harband

      Very useful info—-another term I’ve heard used in tennis is telegraphing —you try to avoid telegraphing your shot before you hit it so the opponent is unable to anticipate where the ball is going. And conversely, watching the opponent carefully may reveal what he is telegraphing so you can anticipate his shot.

  • Tyoungos

    Too much BS talk…. too little action. It’s for the dumb sheep, not me!

  • Joebloggs

    mmmv djsksl djksdl 9w   ! oisipi di idpsid ! od pso you pillock!

  • Paul Miller

    Will:  They were playing baccarat, not poker.  At least that what it was in the book.  Like your tips.  Paul Miller

  • Paul Miller

    Will:  They were playing baccarat, not poker.  At least that what it was in the book.  Like your tips.  Paul Miller

  • Wanda_cruzan

    What are the foot movement when you are fake poaching?

  • Kak0849

    the more i play the more i watch my opponents body and racket! i won my match last night because i was able to start up to the net before the ball hit her racket! i knew she was going to slice/chop me…. Thanks for these videos – they help so much!

  • Kak0849

    the more i play the more i watch my opponents body and racket! i won my match last night because i was able to start up to the net before the ball hit her racket! i knew she was going to slice/chop me…. Thanks for these videos – they help so much!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Will,  I can’t wait to try this out at club nite tomorrow.  I think I will try faking to my weaker side to poach on my forehand.

  • ACEacademytennis

    Great video Tip Will! Our players definitely such a skill and will continue!

    ACE Academy

  • http://www.fuzzyyellowballs.com/ Will Hamilton

    Awesome, nice work!  Happy to help.

  • DadFlyDoc

    In the movie they are playing No limit hold’em

  • http://www.fuzzyyellowballs.com/ Will Hamilton

    Kind of a sideways split step

  • jake

    i like this strategy alot…it makes the opponent confused where to hit the shot and committed more errors….

  • CSugar

    I loved that you really lightened up and showed us that you can be a funny guy as well as a good instructor. Nice balance, well presented.

  • Jmmaskall

    Thanks for the posts.  Something I find sometimes with a failed poach is that it puts a partner off their stride because they have to go late to a ball the forward player has missed, and may also be unsighted as a result of the forward player’s movement.  I guess a dummy poach might have the same effect? (I am usually the forward player in this scenario!)

  • REDJAG74


  • http://www.gottaplaytennis.net GPT

    At the recreational player level, revealing what shot is coming is not necessarily a problem. We are assuming the opponent can handle the shot IF they know what to expect. A shot hit from within your comfort zone still needs to be returned by your challenger, and this may be the very shot in your arsenal that is difficult to reach or hit back with vigor even if you see it “telegraphed” from across the net. We’ve seen plenty of examples when pros hit inside-out forehands that, even when expected, cannot be returned due to the quality of the shot. This happens much more often than wrong-footing their opponent for example. But any advice that can assist in winning the point is helpful. Thanks for the Bond reference. We perhaps can count this as “shaken, not stirred.”

  • Kiniole

    Reading some of the comments i think it may be obvious but you should have pointed out that you make sure your partner is aware of what you’re doing otherwise it may throw your partner off

    you should have mentioned that you

  • R Koedooder1

    Thank you for these great information.

    I wanna ask you something about moving early. If you move early and go back because it’s a fake poach and you’ll will just do that then your opponent soon will know your intention,but when you also will move early and then make a make a real poach then your opponent keeps asking himself is it a real poach or not and thats is just what you want to reach don’t you agree?


  • Sikierka

    much better heir cut now, Will :) )

  • Gregor B

    Amen to that.

  • Jim

    Great thought will going so early to bait the returner. I have found that one of the keys is the pace that the server hits the ball. If the player IS poaching and the ball is hit slower than usual, the net player will be going too soon and give the poach away and be passed down the line. Any thoughts as to how to correct this problem.

  • Andrei

    That’s the first thing I’ve noticed, too. :D

  • Tencatsonedog

    Thanks Will.  Enjoying your tips.

  • Davebaillie

    Seems to me the trick is to mix it up, especially after establishing a pattern.  It’s all about keeping your opponent off balance after all, no?

  • Df

    It sounds good, but (a) my problem is that in moving one way and then back, when the returner puts it at me I am so busy moving that I miss the volley and (b) returners tend to just put the cross court return very wide so that even a real poach is tough to reach without a very early move.
    So this seems to work to begin with but after a while I found either the cross courts were too wide or else I missed the volleys when they came at me.

  • Anonymous

    Tried this at club nite, I was with very good players (3 men) one of my opponents was a 1st team player.  I’d not be usually matched this way, but as not many people turned up in the Cheshire permafrost, they just had to play me.

    Play was fast to really take notice of the opponent’s response, but I think ‘faking it’ it did actually work as serves/ground strokes were never hit to my backhand as I had wanted, so it must’ve worked on a subliminal level…… Oh, and my partner and I won our game, and he wasn’t the 1st team player ;-)

  • Zwal4real

    that really made sense and i don’t know one thing about poker
    I look forward to taking this out on the court
    Thanks much

  • Anonymous

    I just wasted a dollar on your playbook.  All of that information is already available for free on many other sites.  Charging $97 for something unoriginal and amateurish is just unprofessional.

  • ShaharzT

    Nice video, true tactics…. Keep the good work =D

  • Guest

    Whew! Long walk.

  • lip

    way way to much verbage for such a simple point we’re not total morans

  • bb

    I like the videos on your site

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  • San_Saephanh

    Morons*. It’s called analyzing. To break something apart into simple understandable pieces and explaining each part’s importance. Everyone learns differently. Some people can’t learn topspin unless they see how said spin is created in the third person. That being said, there is a number of people who need the in depth look at how and why everything works and why it should.

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  • Gilbert5355

    Need help ,getting older so doubles is where I am now ,4.0 level have won e few at 4.5 level,,but my net game has got to be fixed.i know the correct grips and strokes,,so here it is,,I do not play poker ,but have seen a little ,so it was helpful not boring like some other folks video , I am impressed at all of your video,s I,ve watched,your explanation and demonstrations are done very well,,,yet I am still stumped with what I need to do to fix my poaching,I played the game for about 34years before I decided to try and fix my net game,,,,also one reason I didn’t, try was I have a fear of getting hit in my eye ,,second reason is my reaction time is a little slow,,

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