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Here’s how the course works: Today, we are going to look at Roger Federer’s forehand – some say it’s the best forehand ever. You’ll see that Roger does 5 things every time he hits his forehand, and we call these things the “fundamentals” of the forehand because they are fundamental requirements to hit a technically sound, modern forehand.

Tomorrow, you’ll get another email where we will look at some other top pros on tour – Nadal, Roddick, Verdasco, Ivanovic, Hantuchova, Safina, etc. We will see whether they do the same things as Roger when they hit a forehand.

On the third (and last!) day, we will take a look at some real-life amateurs – players just like you – who volunteered to have us film their strokes and compare them to the pros. This is where things get really interesting, because you are going to see what separates a pro-caliber stroke from a weekend warrior’s.

Thanks again, and we hope you learn a lot!


Forehand Progressions – Step-by-step drills for building yourself a forehand from scratch that includes all five of the fundamentals Roger executes above.


  1. Shreyas says

    I would love a series on how to hit a forehand like Federer

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