September 10, 2012

US Open Final – Djokovic versus Murray! Here’s my analysis & prediction.

  • rozroz

    why don’t you switch to some computer screen you can digitally draw on?
    any thoughts on that? get a little sci-fi feel to it all 😉

  • DaveRave

    Will, excellent analysis about the big game, but in my opinion I suspect that the serving percentage for the Djokovic second serve will be a big factor. He has such a big kick on that 2nd serve that the returner will give him a lot of chances to be in control. Let’s see if this happens since I suspect Murray has a better ground game than Djokovic

  • Loops

    I go for a Murray win! If it’s windy, in 4 sets. Good luck with the pens. I too prefer the wide ones. In fact anything would be easier to see right now!! :)

  • http://www.fuzzyyellowballs.com/ Will Hamilton

    We do have that ability but it’s easier to use the dry-erase board

  • http://www.fuzzyyellowballs.com/ Will Hamilton

    Thanks! You’re right, win percentage on second serves is going to be big!

  • http://www.fuzzyyellowballs.com/ Will Hamilton

    Yes, the lines are quite faint watching the video online. Lame.

  • MarkyMark

    I have a feeling that Murray will win in 5 sets, but Will’s prediction and knowledge is something that deserves big respect, so Novak may retain his crown!!! Thanks again for the analysis!

  • http://www.fuzzyyellowballs.com/ Will Hamilton

    I want Murray to win but Djokovic is the best hard court player in the world… not high-percentage to pick against him.

  • Achim Gass

    I like your analysis approach, although there are of course more elements to it including the wind as we can see. And it is probably very little that separates them. The wrong footing is an interesting point.

    The frequent turns on wrong footing are quite demanding and you need to be very strong (particularly the tall guys) to stay in balance and hit a good shot. Novak might be a bit stronger there.

  • pman

    william, we will get you some wide tip markers if you get rid of the tsirt, I know a guy with a printing machine to make a better shirt



  • renfru

    Thanks Will!
    Nice to have something extra to enjoy during the match.
    Thanks to your strategy session I will pay more attention to their shots!
    However, the outtakes were hilarious…i don’t know why it is so funny but your laughter is contagious. I kept replaying the last minute or so and couldn’t stop laughing. Funny stuff….keep the outtakes in!
    Mike in Florida

  • Dieter

    I don’t run a marker company from my basement, nor my parents’, but I do know a general principle: either do or don’t. If your markers don’t mark, don’t mark. It’s actually harder to imagine a mark that’s not there, than imagining a shot while you’re explaining it. The butterfly image is strong enough for us to get the pattern.

    Good markers are #1. No marking is a good 2nd.

    And you’re still #1 in tennis analysis.

  • kpd

    Good video, Will….good in-sight. Ken

  • kpd

    Good video, Will….good in-sight. Ken

  • TQP

    Hey Will, I found out where you can get those markers. I think what you’re looking for is a marker with a “chisel tip”. Go to ebay and search for “chisel tip marker” and I think you’ll find what you’re looking for. You can also try “magnum marker” or “jumbo marker” but I think those are permanent markers which may not work out so well on your dry erase board. Hope that helped!

  • http://www.fuzzyyellowballs.com/ Will Hamilton

    Thanks. I appreciate you helping out will take a look.

  • http://www.fuzzyyellowballs.com/ Will Hamilton


    Printing machines don’t make t-shirts. They just put words you see on your computer screen on a piece of paper.

    I’ll dump the t-shirt when you get rid of that awful cardigan!

    – W

  • Steve

    Came here after the match. I’m a Djokovic fan but supported Murray for this one match. I was frustrated how Murray didn’t move forward and got frustrated when he moved back when it looked like he should have moved forward. Seemed he wanted to sit back and wait for errors or was nervous about attacking?
    Djokovic was the one trying to take control and was moving forward more, but he seemed to produce more errors (don’t know the stats, was too late for me).
    It leaves an element of doubt in my mind about Andy?

  • http://www.facebook.com/robert.daiello Robert Daiello

    I think Djokovic tanked the match. He probably subconciously feels sorry for Murray and is tired of hearing him whine about not having won a major.

  • Darryl

    Thanx for the education on tennis and hope you find your markers.. With your audience, I’m sure you’ll get quite a bit of feedback. PS.. the bloopers are funny too..lol

  • Theyneverknew

    You started FYB in my parent’s basement?!

  • RogerO

    Thanks William…… enjoyed

  • Johnny mac

    That’s an coyote ugly shirt. Use it to wash your car. It’s ugly!

  • Baltar

    mittes, this is the gayest video I have ever watched!

  • http://www.fuzzyyellowballs.com/ Will Hamilton

    Yes in my parents’ basement. Had to shoot through a door the space was so cramped. Crazy times.

  • http://www.fuzzyyellowballs.com/ Will Hamilton

    Thanks Darryl! Yes I’ve had a number of people email me about the markers.

  • http://www.fuzzyyellowballs.com/ Will Hamilton

    Hi Steve. Weird match. The conditions actually favored a somewhat defensive style, which naturally suits Murray. So it worked for him. But it was a fine line. There were times in the match he was too defensive and Djokovic was able to capitalize.

  • DAN

    the title of your Email for this video was ” I hope to be close to someone”.
    NOT ‘butterfly’. Then in the text of that Email, the video link was “click here for an unprofessional video”/


    burn the shirt

  • markersnob

    Also… the more you wave the markers around with top off, the drier they get so the mark is less prominent (regardless of tip size… no need for marker envy here). And they are made to evaporate quickly, right? You have good cap replacement technique, but still, keep it in mind… cap on, write on… right on!

  • Sal

    As Yann says “which is really great….OK”

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=537175041 Philip Sedlmair

    That shirt wouldn’t be so bad if it was night time and no lights were on 😛 If you are running out of shirts, i can send you one 😉

  • http://www.facebook.com/JayenWoods Jayen Woods

    lol, no
    way 😉 The wind just made his high accuracy aggressive shots in consistent. The
    thing is he’s probably the best in the world playing that way, but he doesn’t
    have the flexibility to change it when he needs to, it is all he knows, whereas
    Murray can play different styles effectively, so he’s more flexible.

  • Johnny mac

    William I got black magic marker that’s trying to make a fool out of me. Santanna

  • Johnny mac

    William, cats are really just little women in fur coats! Lose the tee shirt please! Johnny mac

  • Gil R Gilbert

    Good post!

  • http://www.facebook.com/daphnadillia Daphna Ausburn

    I appreciate you and I think you’re AWESOME !

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  • Monkey

    Sick shirt :p

  • Mad girl

    Hey that looks like my cat :))))))

  • Tennis lover

    Very helpful I have a tennis tournament this weekend :)))

  • Julian Walcott

    I bought that shirt two years ago, it got so many phone numbers…girls love cats. No girl could keep their eyes off me at house parties. Needless to say its gone now. Taken by “someone” using it as a nightgown.

    Great lecture.

  • vivian

    Cute shirt,not the worst i think his glasses are really cool

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