What's your #1 Serve Killer?

Greg’’s a friend of mine from high school who’s a pretty solid player.

He’s got good strokes, a consistent serve, and an aggressive, play-to-win style.

Good all-around game.

But he’s got one kryptonite:


They drive him NUTS.

Here’s how he describes playing against them:

“It’s like being in line at the gas station behind the person who…… spends FIVE full minutes with the cashier trying to pick out the “right” brand of cigarettes…… CAN’T decide which scratch-off lottery ticket they want to buy… Has a stack of Powerball picks to enter…… And then counts out half their bill in pennies!””

Absolute …TORTURE.

He beats players that win against them, but when he’s pitted directly against a pusher……

It doesn’t go so well.

Most of the time, it doesn’’t end well, either.

“Even when I win, the game’s just not a lot of fun.”

If this sounds familiar, wouldn’t it be GREAT to find a way to beat them at their own game……

Without turning into a “human backboard” yourself?

It starts with having a pre-match routine against a player like this.

In this MP3 audio, Jeff Greenwald is going to share with you:

FIVE options for dealing with players like this.

Really -– if you’re smart -– you would listen to this audio EVERY SINGLE TIME you’re going to play against a pusher.

By going in prepared… – And knowing PRECISELY how you are going to handle them.–

You’ll soon find yourself not only beating the pants off these pansies…–

But having a lot of fun doing it, too.

Check out how to beat the pushers:

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How To Push The “Pusher”

December 11, 2014

A Pusher is someone who just doesn’t give ANYTHING on the court..

They just sit back and wait for you to fail.

Reminds me of an ex… :)

Well there’s a few ways to beat them at their own game.

And when you do, you’ll be able to approach these control-freaks with massive confidence.

So what’s the best way to beat a “Pusher” ?

Well, there are 3 Steps.

Do these and you’ll find yourself feeling composed, relaxed and able to CONTROL the game:

#1. Be patient. These guys LOVE when you get flustered and emotional. So DON’T. Be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Stay composed and don’t give them any satisfaction even if you’re frustrated with their play.

#2. Stay calm. Keep your game relaxed. If you get stuck in a pattern, be mindful of it and adjust as you go. Pushers LOVE when you’re upset and frustrated. That’s where they thrive.

#3. Listen to Jeff Greenwald’s custom training on beating Pushers!

Jeff’s one of the best at giving you the tools to hit the court and beat virtually any player at their own game.

And there’s no better feeling than beating a pusher :)

Check out Jeff’s training…

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