What's your #1 Serve Killer?

How should I grip the racket when I hit a forehand? Is there a ‘best grip’ ???



Full western…

I get that question pretty often. And while each grip does have benefits in terms of power or topspin (check out the grip section for more details), the truth is that those considerations are secondary…

Hands down, the most important thing about your forehand grip is if it feels comfortable when you hit the ball. If you entire swing feels smooth and relaxed, and contact feels solid and clean.

But Will…

I want more topspin, and I can’t get that with an Eastern…

Wrong :-)

You might have to tweak your technique a little bit to find the necessary brush on the ball, but you can generate a TON of topspin with an Eastern.

(Just like you can hit flat with a Full Western.)

Check the video. Works for Roger Federer.


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